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Il brief chiedeva di trovare il nome ad una delle 10 bevande Snapple a base di frutta.

Create a funny, quirky, cool Snapple-y name for a Snapple fruit drink. Think about the Snapple experience: the pop of the cap, the Real Facts, the true-to-the-fruit flavors, its thirst quenching delicious taste, and the mental break that helps people get through the afternoon. Think about names that sound Snapple-y: delightful, catchy, and upbeat. Think about names that stand out from the crowd, which reinforce Snapple’s quirky personality. Simply put, the new names are meant to put a smile on a shoppers face to increase their desire for Snapple.

There are many ways to name a Snapple beverage so each one lives up to the brand personality. Some Snapple-y techniques are:

A play on words: Takes 2 to Mango, is inspired by the US expression “It takes 2 to tango”
Idioms: Go Bananas means a person goes mildly crazy, and integrates a Snapple fruit.
Rhyming: Snapple Apple
Alliteration: Mango Madness


La sfida era particolarmente complessa a causa dei numerosissimi vincoli imposti:


  • The name needs to be in English. The fruit needs to be in the name, in some way
  • It can be a phrase or be a play on words for popular American expressions, but no more than 6 words long due to packaging constraints.
  • It is ok to come up with a name that doesn’t include the exact word of the fruit, like “Man-go big or go home”, but it should be easy to understand which fruit it is.
  • The ultimate sign of success is if people start to ask for / refer to Snapple drinks by their new quirky, fun names. i.e. We want people to say, “I want a Mango Madness;” not “I want a Mango Snapple”.


  • It should be timeless, easy to read, pronounce and understand in the US. Slang is ok, but please avoid trendy Internet Slang that only some people know. And, please avoid regional slang / phrases.
  • The name cannot be offensive, include curse words, human names or use trademarks.
  • If after seeing the name, people don’t understand which fruit the beverage is named after, then it is not a good name.
  • Snapple offers fruit flavored beverages, so please do not imply that it is fresh squeezed juice in your name idea.

La bevanda a cui ho scelto di dare un nome era “Kiwi-Strawberry Juice Drink”

Naming (vincitore su 2500 proposte): “Kiwi me softly, Strawberry!”

Il naming si ispira al famosissimo verso di una canzone, “killing me softly”, e sfrutta l’assonanza con il termine Kiwi. La necessità di far comparire entrambi i frutti nel nome ha reso necessario trasformare il verbo in un imperativo, un’esortazione, come se Kiwi si rivolgesse a Strawberry. Kiwing me softly e basta sarebbe stato sicuramente più incisivo, ma non in brief.

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