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Coca Cola Company

19 Lug 2018 by In Campaign Project, Copywriting
Skills: creative strategy, copywriting, photoshop







Imagine a unique, direct to consumer experience or service The Coca-Cola Company could provide to consumers in 2025. An experience available anytime/anywhere and linked to the company’s mission: refreshing the world and inspiring moments of happiness.


I started from the concept of “refreshment” in its widest acception: not only physical (the one provided by a beverage), but also mental. There is nothing more refreshing than escaping from reality for a while, jumping into another environment, changing perspective and point of view... and also meeting new people, while breathing some “fresh air”.

The idea had to be available anytime/anywhere, so it had to be mainly digital, while connected to the purchase of a Coke.


I combined the idea of virtual travels/tours, a global trend that will become more and more exciting as technology evolves, with a vehicle which is strongly connected to Coca Cola: the train.

The idea is to get a “virtual one-time-only ticket” for a ride on the Coca Cola Company Refreshing Train anytime you buy a beverage, by scanning the code placed on the packaging. A dedicated App gives you access to the control panel: take your seat next to the window, set your travel preferences and start an X-minutes virtual journey through the most spectacular places in the world. This journey will blow your mind away and it will give you shivers of refreshing excitment, amazement and surprise.

You can choose among a wide range of options to customize your experience. It can be night or day, good or stormy weather, through cities or wild places, water or earth. Just listen to your mood and choose. You will be entertained with the most realistic and spectacular views, according to the choices you have made. It can be a travel by night through the most exciting cities of the world, or a travel through the wild lands of Patagonia, when the sun enhances the magic wonder of Nature. Whatever it is, Coca Cola uses the more advanced technologies and works together with 3D experts, videomakers, photographers etc. to create experiences that literary “throw” you in those environments, and which never repeat in the same way, so every single access is a surprise. A skillful mix of webcams, digital production and 3D rendering will make it possible. It’s 2025, isn’t it?

You are not alone in this journey. On the train there are thousands of people like you, from all over the world, anyone who decided to jump on and follow the same route you have selected. You can even see the exact number of the passengers in real time.

To add a human touch to the excitement, you can activate the Chat Roulette. Chat Roulette randomly matches you with two passenger on the same train. Through the webcams of your smartphones, you can now see each others in a chat-window while the train moves, and you can talk and text until the journey ends, enjoying the same scenario. A special postcard is generated to give you a memento of this unique, time-limited experience.

This idea is deeply Coca Cola. It leverages on things like travels, journeys, connecting people of different cultures in different places, bringing you virtually everywhere, anytime. In people's imaginary, Coca Cola is already linked to travels, simply because it is everywhere you go, and the Coca Cola train is a strong reference that can be adapted to this case successfully. This idea also leverages on entertainment, which is very Coca Cola too. Finally, it triggers moment of fun, happiness and sharing, which is a great part of the brand’s mission. Virtual travels are special experiences that would be natural for Coca Cola to enter, and they could become a new revenue stream of great success.