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Dulux is one of the world's leading decorative paint brands, with solutions for all kinds of surfaces. Dulux’s mission is to add colour to people’s lives and their brand signature is “Let’s Colour.” But “Let’s Colour” can be interpreted in so many ways and could mean so many things. Dulux needs your ingenuity to express “Let’s Colour” through creative, out-of-the-box activities and ideas. Bring “Let’s Colour” to life showing how Dulux can add colour to people’s lives and homes, through activities across various channels.

Dulux needs your inspiring ideas that touch people’s lives in a unique, memorable and emotionally engaging way. Your idea can be digital, mobile, outdoor, in-store, experiential or event ideas. It should be impactful and emotionally engaging enough to place Dulux in the hearts and minds of consumers, so that it’s the first brand they think of the next time they want to paint their homes.

Keep in mind that your ideas about “Let’s Colour” should be related to paint in the context of decoration or space renewal, adding colour to people’s lives both physically on their walls and emotionally through their life improvements. It must not be a generic celebration of colour. Your ideas should centre on the home and community but not office or commercial spaces.


We all know the tender story of the ugly duckling, which was born different and—apparently—ugly, but finally became a magnificent swan. This fable was the inspiration of my concept.

Everyone has something that is a kind of “ugly duckling” in the house.  Ugly ducklings are those things/spaces of our house that we have neglected for a long time, or that we never care about, or that simply do not satisfy us. Why not turning them into beautiful swans?

This is the idea: Dulux launches the #uglyduckling campaign, whose purpose is to transform the neglected parts of people’s houses through colors (and more), giving them a new life and a beautiful, renovated look.

The #uglyduckling campaign is a tender, thoughtful, emotional campaign that brings color into people’s homes and life. It is a simple yet powerful concept, whose protagonist is – of course - color. By making people care about the neglected parts of their house, Dulux reminds them that  sometimes just a little bit of love and care can turn bad into good, the ugly into beautiful. The parallelism with a sweet character like the ugly duckling makes people feel emotionally engaged: the consequence is that the positive message goes beyond “the house” and naturally embraces also human relationships, teaching people that everything (and everyone) can become better with some dedication.

Furthermore, part of the income of the initiative is used to build (or renovate) something that brings joy and color into the life of unlucky ones. For example, a colorful recreation room for children at the hospital, or a new cozy shelter for abandoned dogs/cats.


The #uglyduckling campaign is conceived to encourage people to share suggestions, tips and creative ideas about their projects, building a joyful, supportive community of passionate users.               

This purpose is reached through social media, especially facebook, where DULUX collects all the work-in-progress-projects and the final results. People can use this page to see to share suggestions, tips and thoughts.

A specific App allows people to create simple renderings of their spaces (adding colors/textures to the walls, inserting objects), thus providing an easy tool to visualize the final effect. The app allows them to choose specific dyes of color among the Dulux palette. This is very useful: once at the store, people will have a clear idea of what they have to purchase to realize their projects.

The in-store experience ends with something more. Together with your purchases, you receive a code to benefit of the assistance of a member of the DULUX staff, via chat. He can help you put into practice what you have in mind. Furthermore, a percentage of your expense will be donated to bring color into the lives of unlucky ones.

As a memento of the campaign—and of the positive impact it has on the life of unlucky people— you are given a brooch representing the colorful wings of the Dulux swan. People will be happy and proud to show it as the symbol of their participation. This is a good way to make them feel ambassadors of a good mission, which will enrich their perception of the brand of positive connotations.

Besides digital advertising, street-marketing initiatives, such as stickers, and gazebos with flyers will help spread the voice about the campaign.

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