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Lux Fresh

19 Lug 2018 by In Campaign Project, Copywriting
skills: creative strategy, copywriting, photoshop








China can be difficult in the summer for women. Once they leave closed, air-conditioned spaces and step into sun-kissed areas – they feel sticky, uncomfortable and damp. This feeling really brings down their mood and affects their self-confidence.

Lux Happy Fresh gives women a different kind of summer experience. Their body wash is designed to offer women a lively, feminine, pleasant sensation that lasts throughout the day, thus helping them relish the sizzling season. It also soaks their skin with amazing fine fragrance that accompanies them throughout their day; no matter how heated they feel – they always feel alive and fresh.

We need you to dazzle them with ideas and activities (online and outdoors) that will make them enjoy a fine fragranced, fresher, pleasanter summer,thanks to Lux Happy Fresh. They must instantly feel the benefit of feeling refreshed, both physically and mentally.


I studied two online activities and two outdoor ideas.

The online activities are consistent with brand’s style, identity and tone of voice. To create them, I started from their summer ADV campaign, the picture of a woman whose dress is made of fresh water.

Asking to provide refreshment and freshness through an online "something" is a demanding request. However, I think that these concepts are well-studied to achieve the goal. They both use beautiful, refreshing pictures and elements, yet combined in a very creative way. The first way directly involves women, who become creators in first person. In the second one, the creative mind is LUX, which uses social networks to give exposure to a powerful campaign.

For what concerns the outdoor ideas, the brand specified that the exposure of expensive ideas should have been vast, in order to make the cost/benefits ratio convenient. For this reason, I put great attention in developing ideas that satisfy the request.

1)      in the first case, the idea has the potential to become a durable asset for the brand; a chance to stretch its offer, to penetrate new markets through a service innovation and to support the existing marketing strategies with amazing results

2)     in the second case, the idea is conceived to obtain the maximum effect (spectacular) at the lowest possible cost (bubble machines and water pumps can be rented, and inflatable items are a re-usable investment).

Both of them are conceived to be implemented in strategic places, those with the biggest bustle (= high need of refreshment & great exposure).


The first online idea is to create an App trough which you women can dress themselves with water. This idea is highly consistent with the current product campaign, and also extremely appealing as it is based on the passion that every woman has for style and fashion. It has potential for great participation and share, and it is easy to develop. Furthermore, it involves women directly, pushing them to express their creativity producing fun, refreshing outputs that can also be collected and become a memento of their very special summer. The mental refreshment of this idea is provided both by the pictures, both by the natural, refreshing sounds available in the App while women are using it.

The second online idea is based on an editorial plan for social media. The output – a LUX-bottle with an amazing, refreshing landscape inside – has always the same structure. What changes is its content and the textual description, which is divided in two sections: one emotional and one offering concrete tips to face hot days. This format is very recognizable, not chaotic or disorganized, which is a great plus on social media, where users' attention is challenged by the enormous quantity of information.

This concept is strongly connected with the product’s promise: to provide a freshness/scent so persistent that it becomes quite a physical environment surrounding a woman all over the day (—> concept = fresh landscapes in a bottle).


The first outdoor idea is to place special LUX machines in crowded, crucial points, such as in public transportation areas or crowded malls and shopping disctricts. These machines provide fresh, LUX-scented air through many little nozzles, acting as “instant oasis” where people can quickly enjoy some refreshing relief during their daily runs.

After a first period of free trial, these machines may become a durable asset for the brand, opening new market opportunities. The strategy is to make this “service” accessible through convenient LUX pre-paid cards, which can be recharged online or in stores, also acting as “fidelity cards” through which people can obtain many benefits, from discounts to free samples. Last but not least, deo-machines are a great way to make people try the fragrances of LUX products, purchasing in stores the products they love as a consequence.

The second outdoor idea is to create an impressive LUX Refreshment Corner in two of the most crowded and hot places of the city: women can have a short rest and receive some little, original tools that will help them face the hot day.