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Nescafè Red Cup

19 Lug 2018 by In Awarded, Campaign Project, Copywriting
skills: creative strategy, copywriting, photoshop








NESCAFÉ Red Cup Machine wants to talk to young coffee lovers aged 22-28 years who are creative and sociable, yet discerning and practical. They love coffee from a café but still want to treat themselves when they’re at home. Help convince these young coffee lovers that NESCAFÉ Red Cup Machine is a delicious and fun treat to have at home in addition to their coffee shop café experiences.

Entice young coffee lovers in a playful and unexpected way to buy the NESCAFÉ Red Cup Machine for their home with an original, optimistic and playful idea (online, in-store, or cross-channel promotional activity).


Young people are above all sociable. They love to meet new people and to share experiences. They also love the excitement that little surprises can give them.

For these people, coffee time (out of home) is an occasion to relax and have fun with friends, to socialize and to share a short pleasant time in a laid-back atmosphere. What they love about these moments is not only the pleasure of a good cup of coffee, but also the chance to have fun with others.

NESCAFÉ Red Cup Machine brings the café style coffee experience that is part of their lifestyle to their home, through a personalized cup of their favorite coffee. My idea is to give them the chance to bring home –  anytime they want - also a bit of the fun that makes the coffee-breaks “outside” so enjoyable. Being a “service” that only who has purchased a Red Cup Machine can use, the product acquires a new appeal: not only a tool to create the perfect coffee at home, but also to recreate a great “atmosphere”. Nescafè red Cup Machine enriches its offer with an emotional, creative promise, which is extremely valuable and relevant for the target. 



The Coffee Chat Roulette: a way to match young people for the short time of a coffee break at home.

With the purchase of a Red Cup Machine, you become a member of the online community of the Young Red Cups: young coffee lovers like you, who value fun coffee-breaks, at home as outside. Every time you feel in the mood of sharing your coffee-break at home, you can use the Coffee Chat Roulette (on your smartphone or laptop), a mechanism that randomly matches you with 2 other members of the community who are online at that time (which means that they want to play too). You can now enjoy 10 minutes of chatter and fun, while having or preparing your favorite cup of coffee, with the same positive incentives you may have in a cafè.

Three is the perfect number, as it releases from the small apprehension of a face-to face (which is more demanding) and creates a sense of comradeship, making the participants feel relaxed.

The preset time (10 minutes) reinforces the perception of an easy-going game, not binding, not intrusive. It is the perfect time for an enjoyable coffee-break, and it allows people to come back to their activities without the worry of sounding rude.

Ten minutes of fun with new friends, whenever you want, is certainly a valuable plus for the target.

Furthermore, at the end of each chat-session the participants pose for a photo, which will be a memento of their experience. They can customize the layout of the card and even add a representative sentence to make it more special. As each chat-session is different (with different participants every time), these cards will be always different and they may become a great collection of good coffee memories, which can be shared online but also printed and hang on the fridge - for example - to create a very personal corner of memories.

The project includes ideas to make people aware of the intiative (in stores, on packaging, etc.) and suggests a final event, where Young Red Cups can meet in person, preparing their cups of coffee all together and participating in the draw of a very special Red Cup Machine, whose skin is inspired to the coffee chat roulette cards.