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19 Lug 2018 by In Copywriting, New Product
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Wrangler, an American apparel brand which provides comfortable jeans and casual wear, is well known for its strong heritage in the Western American life style. To Americans, Wrangler represents freedom - the spirit of people who work hard, have fun and recognize courageous individuality. Currently, Wrangler is the clothing brand for people who work hard (mostly with their hands, such as electricians, plumbers, ranchers, ...) who care about the value and longevity of their jeans more than fashion or style. The brand is pro-actively exploring ways to innovate and to broaden their audience (especially women) whose expectations from casual wear are shifting towards more stylish models.

Reinvent Wrangler clothing to bring a completely new, unique product idea and experience to Millennial consumers who typically don’t buy Wrangler. Think big! We need you to come up with breakthrough ideas that would change the brand’s future, or even the clothing industry.


Design and innovation have never mattered more. The dynamics of the fashion industry are changing dramatically to create new products and experiences for shoppers.

My approach was to put people at the heart of design, allowing them to play a role in the creative cycle. Being part of the creative process makes people feel special, unique, not standardized, free to express their own personality and taste. This is particularly important for Millennials, which is the target that Wrangler wants to hit in the next 5 years. The strategy must be consistent with the values of the brand: not too stylish or premium, yet speaking about having the chance to get the most from your garments, to make them versatile, smart, to play with them to match your concrete needs (work, function) but also your taste and body (style, overall outfit, fitting).


A new clothes line that can be transformed and customized by the user, without the need of an external operator (e.g. tailor). Garments designed to be chameleonic, in order to meet different needs: to enhance the very personal shape/proportions of different bodies; to change the overall outfit according to the occasions, without having to add too many items to the wardrobe; to help people express their mood and personality, being fashionable in their own way.  

Behind this new line of clothes there is a solid study of design, functionality and interchangeability. The garments are tailored including a series of strategic elements such as buttons, buttonholes, hooks, extra-fabric etc., so that they can be transformed very quickly. These elements are sometimes hidden, sometimes - instead - they remain very visible and become a signature of craftmenship and an embellishment of the garment on their own, giving a more personal and original vibe to it.