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19 Lug 2018 by In Campaign Project, Copywriting
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Tell us what your buddy AXE could do, especially online and on social media, to help young men attract girls. AXE is a deodorant brand that young men who are 15 to 20 years old absolutely love. Why? Because of the “AXE effect” it has on girls…

These men often feel a bit unsecure yet they want to attract girls. But they don't have the courage to approach them… AXE deodorant, famous for its delicious fragrances help these young men feel more confident. With AXE, they smell good, look good and feel good! That’s the “AXE effect”. It gives men an edge. What amazing antics could he come up with to help young men get girls?


The idea has to work thoughtfully across different social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest and others. As the goal is "to match boys and girls", it must have high visibility (and shareability) in order to hit big numbers. It also has to be fresh, fun, entertaining, because it has to appeal to very young men.

My approach was: confidence is something that you build. At that age, is depends a lot on the positive responses you get, of course ... but you must never forget who you are. You are special, in any case. You have talents, at least one for sure. You have a personality, whatever it is. AXE now gives you the chance to become a girl-magnet, but stay true to who you are! While having fun, of course.



The initiative is called #irresistibleAXE. It all starts from a short video (2-3 minutes), recorded by each guy using a smartphone, a webcam or a videocamera. In this video, he has to do his best to attract girls and catch their attention. How? Showing his talents, qualities, charisma, look, being seductive or funny … it’s up to each guy to decide what to do, and how. They can sing a song, recite a poetry, do a little dance, show their muscles, be funny and make girls laugh, do a magic trick, tell a story or just talk … anything —with the exception of obscenity. Being themselves and showing their “plus” gives them confidence, and make them focus on what is good about themselves. All this videos are displayed on a special section of AXE website, and they can be shared on almost every social network with the hashtag #irresistibleAXE.

A special form next to each video allows girls to send a feedback of appreciation, which can be a selfie or a vine.

All the Selfies and Vines sent by girls to a guy appear under his video. In other words, each guy can collect his “conquests”, a precious reminder of how cool he can be … a real self-esteem booster. Guys will feel the desire to share their “collections” on social media, proud to share their results. This mechanism spreads the voice about the campaign, making it viral.

Guys can also send the link of their video to some special girls they like, through an invitation card (via email, Facebook, Twitter etc.). This is a great way to “take the first step” with someone, with the “AXE excuse”, which makes them braver and more confident. It is also another way to boost the campaign, reaching a wider target. It’s a viral mechanism that spreads very quickly, with an enormous potential among young boys and girls, because it is strictly connected to self-esteem and popularity.

The challenge may also be implemented offline, placing AXE-hostesses in pubs/clubs where young guys hang out. The hostess invites guys to record their own videos (in front of the camera operator)  and then uploads them on the AXE website in real time.

The 3-5 winners of the challenge (most voted/with the highest number of selfies and vines) will receive a prize,  for example a travel of 10 days, all-together, to an exciting destination.

This project aims to boost guy's self-esteem, giving them a light-hearted excuse to get in touch with girls. It also pushes them to be proud of themselves, to show their best part, whatever it is: they may be fun, sweet, talented, sexy, smart ... anyone has something special, and AXE is the best companion to make it emerge.