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Kitkat Brand Activation

08 Set 2018 by In Campaign Project, Copywriting









The way we “break” has changed over recent years. Breaks used to be quite structured, like the daily 3pm coffee break, but now they are more flexible occurring throughout the day, e.g. a quick check on Facebook in between meetings. These new types of “break” are a short moment of reprieve. When you start to feel tense or sense an overly-dramatic moment creeping up in your day, KITKAT is here to help you snap out of it, so you can get back on track.

KITKAT wants to stay relevant to people taking these new kinds of ad hoc breaks. We need you to imagine what KITKAT could do to really delight people with a memorable, engaging and unique every-day break experience.

The challenge is to make Australian people who like KITKAT love it, by creating a brand activation that connects KITKAT in a meaningful way with today’s new types of “break”. It can be anything that would make people engage with KITKAT: an activation campaign, a series of events, a consumer product experience, etc. It can be in store, online, at home, or anywhere else that KITKAT can be enjoyed.

The product has a broad appeal but the core is 18-35 year-old, young-at-heart, life-loving and carefree men and women. They live in the moment and believe in trying new things. They love personalization - to feel a part of a group, but they like to let their individuality shine through. They crave experience over material things.


I wanted to find a concept that was strongly connected to the product, to the point that even taking the KITKAT logo out of the idea, people would relate to the brand. For this reason, I based my idea on the iconic shape of the product and on the ritual of its consumption: unseal, break, snap. The concept aims to give people a mental relief through a fun, customized experience that embodies KITKAT assets and values, both physical and emotional, such as shape&ritual and good irony&positivity. 

The concept is also studied to be relevant for new modern types of “break”, which are often short and spent in front of a screen, using social media in some way. The brief asked for an idea that could reach many people in any part of the country at any time. The online implementation was essential to reach this goal. However, I integrated offline elements in order to enrich the campaign and to stay relevant to the concrete benefit of a chocolate bar.

Furthermore, the idea leverages on customization, to which the target is very sensitive.

The tone of voice is always positive and engaging. Fun and a touch of irony are at the core of the project.


A brand activation campaign that allows people to target the specific thing they want to have a break from, and “break it” in a virtual way. The “thing” is turned into a customized KITKAT bar, which is then "destroyed" in a fun, beautiful, entertaining 3D video, that people can share with their friends. You can “break a thing” anytime you want, by uploading a new picture, and each time the video will be different.

The video is a symbolic expression of “breaking” the thing that makes you stressed… the perfect expression of the message “have a break from something”, with KITKAT at the core. A kind of cathartic and liberating “ritual” that everyone will want to try.

Each generated video gives the consumer a coupon for a free KITKAT, purchasable in any store of the city, and a vip-pass for a very special big final event.

The event will take place in the 3-4 main cities of the country. There will be big stands inspired to KITKAT Chocolatory, serving delicious KITKAT bars with various toppings for free. People will queue to have a 5-minutes talk with one of the many graphic designers/digital artists, hired by KITKAT for this special event. They will talk to him about one thing they need to have a break from, and they can also leave a picture to inspire him. The designer will create a special graphic design customized on the consumer: it will be printed on a can that will be shipped to the consumers the next week, so he can store his KITKAT bars in the future. Each can will be unique and tailored on the consumer, and it will be a long-lasting gift that will make EVERYONE love the brand. During the event, people can also watch some of these digital artists while they work on these projects on their laptops in real-time, living an immersive, exciting experience.

The project includes an extra-suggestion: to put online an interactive map that tracks how Australians use social media to share their need to have a break from #something during the campaign. Live data from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are brought to life across web and mobile in an interactive map that highlights Australians’ most common “things to have a break from”.

The strategy involves the most important touch points with the consumers, so it has a great potential reach. It includes an offline event and is also based on a digital format (video) that is adaptable to tv commercials, gaming-apps, viral videos and classic advertising. As in the process some information about the users are acquired (mail, city), at the end of the campaign the brand will know exactly who its consumers are, and will have plenty of precious information to refine its future strategies.


This is shareable, fun campaign that involves the consumers directly, giving them a bit of entertaining mental relief, some good kitkat chocolate and a customized concrete memento during a big final event.