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19 Lug 2018 by In Campaign Project, Copywriting
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Mazda is a stylish car brand that defies conventional thinking to make things better. They want to inspire, and be inspired. They do things differently and stand out from other mainstream car brands.

Mazda owns an event space in the trendy El Born area of Barcelona, called ‘the Mazda Space’. This is a stylish and modern place to host Mazda and non-Mazda related events. Mazda wants to engage with anyone who shares the same kindred spirit of challenging conventions. They are looking for an event or series of events which will help build fame for the Mazda brand across Europe. The idea is that this event, or series of events, will happen over 60 days and that most of the action will be anchored in ‘the Mazda Space’.

This brief is quite broad, Mazda is very open to new ideas and you are free to come up with any kind of events as long as it’s connected to the Mazda Space, is close to Mazda’s values and engages audiences. It is mandatory that there is a physical, offline event with active participation and that this is supported by online and social media. Mazda is also open to partnering with other events in the areas of music, fashion, design, technology, etc, but the experience should reflect and build on what Mazda stands for.

The audience is young, urban people hungry for new adventures. They are interested in technology and cars. They are modern and creative people. They have an open-mindset, are progressive, very active and always up for new things. They are trend-setters and opinion leaders and very interested in Arts & Culture, Music, Fashion & Film, Design, Technology, Lifestyle, Fun & Extreme sports, Digital, Entertainment and Travel. Mazda wants to surprise them and offer them a new and exciting experience.


My approach started from the concept of “optical illusions”.

An optical illusion is a perfect metaphor to express the ability to go beyond the schemes, the boundaries and the limits of actual reality to give your own interpretation of the world. By using the concept of optical illusion, MAZDA promotes the idea of challenging conventions, factual data, objective reality. The message is: use your own imagination, initiative and personal point of view to go beyond the limits of reality.

MAZDA cars must be the ingredients through which incredible optical illusions are built. This way, the brand becomes a concrete partner in the “challenging conventions” philosophy.


MAZDA BB is a creative, artistic, entertaining, visually striking exhibition of optical illusions, built through the use of MAZDA cars inside the MAZDA space in  Barcelona. Visitors are invited to live an exciting experience, following a path that shows fabulous trompe l’oeils realized through stickers specifically designed and applied on the cars, sometimes with the addition of backdrops and stickers on the walls/floor. Stickers create optical illusions by changing and modifying the contours of the cars —-> the message is “go beyond prefixed boundaries, create your own scenery”.

These optical illusions must be visually stunning (great design), but they also have to visualize creatively what “challenging the conventions” means. So: beauty, art, effect, but also the appropriate thinking behind the subjects. The installations have the purpose to amaze the visitors with their artistic power, but also to enhance the powerful message beyond them.

In this idea, cars become instruments to create optical illusions: it is very important, because this way MAZDA has a concrete, active role in the message. As a plus, the shapes of MAZDA cars become the real protagonists of the event, underlining the brand’s expertise in design.

Optical illusions are that kind of things that drives people crazy. People will share pictures and photos on social media, creating buzz and knowledge. Two special contests will directly involve common people and designers, resulting in two very special MAZDA trompe l’oeils, which will be displayed at the end of the event, during the final party. Special trompe l’oeil-stickers will be spread through the cities (on walls, benches, etc.), to increase curiosity and awareness.


MAZDA BB breaks with traditional communication. It is original, unexpected and fun, like the target, like MAZDA philosophy and like MAZDA cars. It is also leverages on Art and Design, which allows the brand to show its great expertise and taste in “building new forms”.