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Perfume gift

19 Lug 2018 by In Campaign Project, Copywriting, New Product
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Can you help recreate the spark and make people love fragrance gifts again? Gifting is a wonderful tradition that deserves more emotion, surprise, and thrill … help us think of fragrance gifting experiences that would be so desirable people would even queue up for. Reinvent the perfume gifting experience so it’s exciting & surprising for both the gifter and the receiver. Don’t hesitate to break the rules of the fragrance industry as we know it today.


A premium perfume is much more than just a fragrance and a packaging. It is a whole world.

Perfumes have highly emotional connotations, which are always emphasized (and often overstated) in advertising. Think of TV commercials: they create a whole world of emotions, style, environment, feelings, stories, subliminal messages around the product. It is not just a perfume. It is a microcosm, a journey, an experience. All these elements contribute to create desire, much more than the fragrance itself.

This is particularly true for premium perfumes. 90% of their value is intangible, coming from the emotional, aesthetic world that has been built around them.

Furthermore, gifting a perfume has become quite a make-shift solution. Building a highly customizable experience gives proofs of a well-thought gift to the receiver.

IDEA: make the special world behind the perfume part of the gift itself. Create an experience that does not end with its fragrance and packaging. And make it highly customizable.


The idea is to develop an exclusive App that wonderfully recalls the mood, emotion, locations, colors and elements of the perfume's TV commercial. A kind of interactive digital world that provides intense digital AND real experiences, while staying true to the identity of the perfume. The access to this App is allowed only to the receiver of the gift, who can explore the world inside it any time she wants, enjoying many emotional benefits.

Furthermore, the experience is highly customizable by the gifter, in store or online. There are many choices he has to take in order to make this experience tailored on the receiver. He writes and records messages. He chooses elements and details. And he can select one or more real-life extra-experiences (a gift inside the gift), and the timing of their succession. In fact, the journey inside this special world does not end in a few minutes. It continues for some days, with new, unexpected surprises, and notifications that alert the receiver any time she has to enter the App to discover what has been prepared for her.